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Biden to decide by next year on White House bid
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Joe Biden said he will decide by the summer of 2015 if he will make a third run for the U.S. presidency. "There may be reasons I don't run but there's no obvious reason for me why I think I should not run," Biden …
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South St. Paul voters to decide on .1 million bond question to fund parks
Three mallard ducks swim through a reflection in a pond in Kaposia Park in South St. Paul. Voters will decide Tuesday whether to fund the city's long-term plan to further transform the nearby Port Crosby industrial landfill into a large recreational …
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Should ultra-Orthodox Jews be able to decide what they're called?
But a growing number within the community of strictly observant Jews are asking journalists and others to reject the term. Some feel it suggests extremism. Groups should get to choose their own names, they argue, and what community would choose to call …
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